Fire Crackers

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Roaming Phantom
8 October 1991
What can I say about my bio here?

I'm a big fan of Hetalia and Prince of Tennis and some Nintendo games like Zelda, Mother series, Pokemon, etc.

I'm kinda too lazy to make some graphic or html stuff but I do enjoy drawing/doodling though I can't use Adobe Photoshop. I draw only using Corel Draw

I post whatever I like in my Journal but don't expect much from it since I usually post my daily life in Twitter instead

This LJ is created for joining/creating comm. I'm a mod in several comms, most knowing one is hetaliafandomly. In other comms, I usually post some doujin scans and eps RAW and manga scan.

My fandom is rather large but I'm really into whatever I'm into at that time. But mostly it'll be Hetalia or Prince of tennis

..yes, I wish I can have more than 15 profile images...


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